2016 is a complex year for Scorpions

All you have to do this year is to think better and to schedule the first two months, while Mars governs your sign. At fist is not so much money. But where’s the money missing, then it is a lot of love, or so the saying goes. It remains to verify Scorpio natives of this saying of the elders first hand in 2016. And if the saying is not correct then the Scorpions should remember that “the mills of the gods grind slowly but exceedingly fine” and show endurance incomparable zodiac. Patience and again patience!

In the first part of 2016 it is good to be extra careful in everything that union, association, assembly; also supervisor your diet. Stay calm in discussions with colleagues, partners, or with loved ones. Be specific in what you say. Avoid digressions and comparisons that do nothing but confuse you. Be direct and precise in speech, not overdo the “poetic license” as it may be misunderstood. Spring does not need to change anything long-term projects. Be patient! Favorable aspects of a second home, money and property, should be enhanced, but not to assume family obligations.

Your period is favorable in general; in moderation, especially expenditure will avoid inconvenience. It is not advisable to change your work is not good times because you can lose more opportunity to make some extra cash! Since the last days of May, precisely on May 28, Mars back into Pisces, retrograde for a second annual visit. The switch station on June 30, then moving back into direct and on August 3. With a dose of courage, with a little skill and a lot of goodwill succeed in those days of July to solve a tricky problem, you sat on your mind! Explosive development period only begins summer so dear Scorpio! You must not overdo this bold expansion is particularly risky because: you can commit blunders monumental and extravagant expenditures. Summer 2016 is especially favorable natives with activities related to science, engineering or technology.

At the beginning of the millennium chaotic and decadent think about how to do things right, whose heart respecting cult job well done. You should avoid contradictory discussions with the opposite sex. Do not worry, the future in your favor! Autumn 2016 starts with a small periodic achievements and accumulations. Nothing happens that is important. A series of general events that you find in the media or from network failures and especially tiny, you compel an analysis now required. Achievements small but joyful in the last days of the year. No one could say that 2016 is a great year for Scorpion, but with characteristic pragmatism will do in dynamism.