Chinese Horoscope 2017 – love is very important in 2017

The Chinese year of the Rooster . Do you hear the hymn of victory? This is obviously the rooster! Feel very concerned because this year 2017 is yours. Luck is with you but it will take the smell, the cause, seize and enjoy. No passivity of matter: the initiative and the pellet will pay off. Your talents? They must be put forward. Your network? We must develop and never hesitate to seek it. So bet on the quality of your relationships and your ability to negotiate to win the winning ticket. It will nevertheless smooth your excessive on some points. Pay attention to your outspokenness: be more subtle tactics and will not make you less honest … Do not try to be right: the others have their say and that can obviously serve you. In short, expand the “know-please”, opportunism and never miss to be the wife of the situation!

Coq – heart side
love is very important in 2017. It might even occupy the front of your scene. No question of modesty or you scroll through: we must speak from the heart, prove your commitment, renew vows, do not you commit only half, you really invest in constructive projects for the couple and the family. Incase you, you ignite, you say! New honeymoon, full development, important family decisions: it’s in the air. A small problem though: all the pleasures of life will make you feel very good and alive in you will give in to their heart … Point too much of it: remember that excess is your flaw …

If you are pregnant, you will enjoy it thoroughly! God it’s good to be the center of attention, you can gorge on candy, to yield to his desires without feeling guilty, stroking voluptuously this little round belly, you can avoid wearing heels and reduce its schedules of work … the small privileges of the pregnant woman will make you blush with pleasure and you will soon forget the various inconveniences that one knows too